Concernant les N3 / N4 veuillez soumettre vos demandes d’accréditations obligatoirement pour accéder aux relevés à dater du 1 septembre 2019.

À partir du 9 septembre 2019, nos relevés seront vérifiés par des huissiers « et/ou » des météorologues afin de clarifier nos informations qui resterons  uniquement dans le domaine scientifique.

Responsable département Europe base Suisse.

Roderich Piguet-Layet

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Site du comité scientifique météorologique du Groupe Localsat


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Sharing links


IP.Board 3.1 introduces a new feature that is available for any application to make use of: sharing links. IP.Content makes use of this feature in the custom databases (and articles) modules to allow you to more easily expose your content to a wider audience.


Along with supporting sharing of your content with third party services such as Facebook and Twitter, you can now also send an article via email, print the article, and download the article easily by clicking the appropriate icon under the article body. The additional printing and downloading features allow the content to be shared, online as well as offline.


Within the articles module specifically, the article image that you upload when posting the article (optionally) will automatically be flagged for use with Facebook when someone uses Facebook to share the link. This ensures that the correct image is the one Facebook displays to other users. Similarly, we pull out an appropriate extract of textual content for Facebook to use as well. If the user is logged in to Twitter or Facebook, sharing the content becomes even easier, not requiring you to even leave the site.


We hope that by providing tools to make it easier to share content on your site, your content will be exposed to a wider audience, bringing you more traffic and making your content more easily and readily available to the world.

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